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  1. Remembering The Donkies....

    I am not donkeyboy, I am just a simple messenger. He cannot get back on CP, he has been exiled. He would like a petition started to bring him back!!! I am on the phone with him right now: "tell stacked I will see him this weekend....................HEEEEEEEHAAAAAWWWWWW!!!"
  2. Remembering The Donkies....

    I am Donkeyboys Lawyer, he asked me to relay this message for him while he continues to serve time: Great to see that everyone still has a small memory of the donkey. I had to take some time off and relax in the pasture. However this weekend I thought I was fucking hallucinating. NJG*IDO is the biggest fucking joke. MOO who the fuck do you think you are. There is a god damn article in the Washington post on you fools. Moo I hope that was a joke because it was the worst fucking article ive ever read. I thought your shirts made you guys look pathetic, but this fucking article makes you guys look like short, fat, jelly bagel eating fools. The pathetic thing is, I think they were trying to help you out, prolly one of your friends. THey fucked you real good. No lube or protection. THey tore NJG*IDO a new hole. Bad publicity. Actually pathetic. Well for old time sakes. HAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I agree

    Long Live Donkeyboy!! He is in my prayers DIESEL!!!
  4. Cops at the beach

    Was it me or where there cops pulling everyone over all weekend for no reason?
  5. Come out and show support!!!!

    Carguy19 Good to see you are alive.......hows car sales?? Vegas? DIESEL!!!
  6. Ladie's Night @ Taste Lounge this Saturday...

    I heard it was still beat last week? keep trying DIESEL!!!!
  7. Sat is Ladies Night @ Taste....

    Give up already! 4 bumps???? Diesel!!!
  8. Early roll call for Taste....

    Damn, a monday rollcall for sat night..........must be hurting up there. Place is real nice inside, but i have been there 2 times, both times it was dead. It is rough when you next to a Supermarket. Good luck DIESEL!!!
  9. This Saturday.................

    hotshit, i agree the rules are pretty fucking dumb.....i know you were asking about fri, just giving an opinion on the place as a whole.
  10. This Saturday.................

    Not that you want my opinion, but i stopped in there last saturday to meet someone and the place actually had signs saying "no dancing"! also alot of herbs in the joint...good looking girls though
  11. Hey Moo, check this out!!!

    Beet hows your Pimp hand? DIESEL!!!
  12. Who Wants The Donkeys To Stay!!!!!!!

    Let him stay!! Let him stay!! DIESEL!!!
  13. Sorority & Frat Life review

    that whole sorority is ugly as sin for christs sake!!!! http://www.mtv.com/onair/sorority_life/season2/meet_the_sisters/ DIESEL!!
  14. Anyone on CP

    Apes? I think i saw his sig with this pic DIESEL!!!
  15. I love sluts.........

    no promoting today for you carguy?? king o promotions....... DIESEL!!!