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  1. Anybody knows the bluebook value on this? What state is the car located?
  2. London Crew

    A couple of my friends from the UK are coming again for next conference. Always good to have the Brits over. You guys are a bunch of crazy party animals from across the pond.
  3. to raincry, thepheonix, diabolique, browneyd et al

    you could have gone back and read your ignored post. You know you wanna.... :laugh: and a fourth for good luck
  4. to raincry, thepheonix, diabolique, browneyd et al

    she so proud of herself for finding the ignore feature and thinks she knows so much that she put a laugh I just read the time :laugh: I just checked my PM's :laugh:
  5. Top 5 Live Sets in Miami - 2003

    are you stalking me? :laugh: well, keep doing it....
  6. Top 5 Live Sets in Miami - 2003

    Hybrid @ Nerve Demi @ Nerve (7/24) Underworld @ Ultra Rabbit in the Moon @ Ultra Mazi @ Luna not neccessarily in that order... hey...I didnt even read the others before I typed it...funny we have the same ones Rain...great minds or same wave length?
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    wicked/sick Marscruiser mix set... http://viika.net/marscruiser/ Their collaboration with George Clinton was called "Record of the year" by some industry folks (Marscruiser vs Andy Page Feat. George Clinton - Elementalelectrofunk) new mix set. Hope you like it! MARSCRUISER (Fire UK/Renaissance/Barely There Records)
  8. Attn Raincrysobe ...

    so DID you have a happy birthday Sweetie? Happy Birthday Mi Amor Love Chaz
  9. Philippio's Greatest Confession...

    phillip, do you still have that sign in your car window?
  10. Now that the U.S. has captured Sadam, Space is still...

    i dont see mention of a CASH reward..... i thought you were gonna say "Now that the U.S. has captured Sadam, Space is still...CLOSED!" :laugh:
  11. 4 steps to making this board bitter again.

    Keep Hope Alive...oh wait, he's dead
  12. 4 steps to making this board bitter again.

    funk's da-man!
  13. ugh boots

    who is Carlos? what the fuck are you babbling about? what are you fruitlessly trying to point out? I dont need an alter-ego...cause I dont have to hang my head in shame. Everyone knows what I do...I am a graphic designer. so far, my day is fun. Keep trying....
  14. Drugs In Miami

    shouldnt he just got to what used to be "Space?"...THE BEST PLACE TO ROLL IN MIAMI!!!!!!!
  15. ugh boots

    which is it? jump, live or live and leave you alone? I cannot stand anything you say because it is all fake. You bad mouth people behind their back, harp on the littlest things, compete when there is no contest, and lie like a dog. You are a two faced slut. I have admitted making a mistake thinking you guys had a video tape...but noooo, that wasnt good enough. You have to keep making it look like I did it intentionally. I have better things to do then steal a video tape. far better. truthfully, it makes me laugh busting you and your lies. It is hella-fun. go ahead and tell anyone we know mutually what you think about me and my "Co"...I dont care. and keep up these defensive posts. time to make more popcorn... when I smell you coming, I will make sure to alert people that the drama whore is comin' this way and to watch what you say...because you might be acused of something....