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  1. Matrix Reloaded

    I actually wasn't too impressed with it. Thought most of the fight scenes went a little long. It was a good movie and I would definately see it again, but I think I had my hopes a little too high. The first matrix was definately better.
  2. Matrix Reloaded

    Thank you guys so much for letting me know this came out tonight! Just got tickets for 10pm tonight! WHOOO HOOOO!!!
  3. friendster

    Just wait, I have like 6000 friends on there, you can't even read the message board it fly's by so fast..... since i joined friendster i think i actually get like one hour of work done per week, lol
  4. memorial day weekend

    Depends on what kind of club you're looking for..... are you more interested in the rave scene or a euro kinda club? what kind of music and atmosphere do you want?
  5. Roger Sanchez Roll Call

    Does anybody know how access to spank is working tonight? Will we be able to get into see Sharam?
  6. Roger Sanchez Roll Call

    MMMMMMMMmmmmm....... CHEASESTEAK!!!! I'm IN! hehe. Where you all going tonight?
  7. Roger Sanchez Roll Call

    Much love Cookiegirl! But personally a 3 hour drive, 25 dollars and a five hour set sound much better than a half hour drive, free admission and a 6 hour set to me
  8. Roger Sanchez Roll Call

    Why go all the way up there when he will be here next friday?
  9. attn: guys on the board

    There were so many pics on there it crashed my system!!! Sweet!