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  1. Any websites out there with SOBE info?

    I'm coming to SoBe.. I wanted to find the HOT spots... anyone know of any good websites?
  2. South Beach for Labor Day ANYONE?

    Sorry I didn't see any other topics.. I'll search around!! Thanks!
  3. South Beach for Labor Day ANYONE?

    I wanted to find out if anyone is going down to SB for Labor Day..I'll be down there with 4 other girlies... (NY/NJ girls!) This is my first time.... going down.....
  4. Need Lumidee- Never Leave

    Did you get the song?? I love it.. and all I find online is the original version... I want the REMIX!!!
  5. ARe there guestlists avail for memorial day??
  6. I'm going to Vegas for Memorial Day..... I wanted to get on a few guestlists, Is that even possible??? We're staying @ PARIS.. can't wait!!! Going to see "O" on the 25th.... Any thoughts out there? Let me know.. 5 hotties from JERSEY!