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  1. lose stomach

    http://www.megafitness.com/in20row1.html would this help?
  2. bubble jackets

    ecko is cute ...fabric is cheap i think though
  3. Losing weight

    Thanks to those who responded with useful information....the rest of you can kiss my ass:tongue:
  4. so who has the balls....?

    I wanan be naked with you:eek:
  5. Losing weight

    thakn you everyone
  6. so who has the balls....?

    ummmmmmm ur clean thats cool! but ........i dont see the tatto like u have in your avatar???
  7. so who has the balls....?

    im sorry but u always seem to post the same pic ....it makes me wonder...
  8. which do you think would happen first...

    a black president, &, a woman president, - are all out of the picture. will never happen
  9. why dont woman want cumm in there mouth

    why are you asking us??? you should be talking to her about it..lol:idea:
  10. 3 year anniversary

    That is nice, you dont hear that a lot today. Congats! I would honestly take a vacation and go somewhere nice.
  11. would u bang this chic?

    banging is banging.....if u need some go get it!! picture she is someone else..
  12. Are you bothered by "hot" family members?

    ummm no never that is insane
  13. How Discusting but yet How Funny !

    hey u could make some money off this hoe....
  14. What kind of music

    I like R&B none of that metal shit for me.
  15. Hush Hush Sex

    same here...i'd rather not have it at all