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  1. ktu BARFstock what a horrible concert.

    This is such ridiculous ramblings. KTU is the #1 radio station. We are the scene. MR. Notallthere it does not seem that you have many supporters on your bashing of us. That is because people love the ultimate radio station that our team built that is KTU!!. So yes your opinion is your own and by the looks of things that’s it. KTU keeps up with trend and the scene. For instance we have Vic Latino hosting the Wet T-shirt/Wet Willie contest at a couple of clubs in NYC!! Now folks if that is not keeping things cutting edge and even border line risqué’ then I don’t know what is. We know what you want And sorry MR. Notallthere, It seems your really are NOT ALL THERE because you have no idea what people want. Have a nice day ... And hey FOOOORGET ABOUT IT!
  2. Yo if you dont go to MERGE THIS SAT for rr b-day

    It will be good.
  3. Yo if you dont go to MERGE THIS SAT for rr b-day

    "WKTU†(Clear Channel Communications, Inc.) Does no support this event at merge and does not indorse *******.com or this "notallthere" character. With that said. I am defiantly stopping by merge on a personal level.
  4. DJ's and Promoters Wanted

  5. What Nationality Has The Best Looking People?

    haha thats like breedign a pig with a pile of throwup
  6. What Nationality Has The Best Looking People?

    italians bitches and Russian girls
  7. Josh Wink this Friday

    damnnnnn i woudl love to go to that.. Fucken josh wink! saw him at crobar heee rips it!
  8. does anyone else hide their

  9. Come check out the BIGGEST CLUB IN New Jersey! Dance Factory Saturday July 19 Check out KTU's own Broadway Bill Lee for the Dance Factory at Temptations from 11p-1a. Temptations is located at 612 Boulevard in Seaside Heights, NJ.
  10. Joeys thursday

  11. What would you liek to hear more of on 1035 the new KTU

    We here at KTU keep are music and staff NEW and FRESH! We are made by the listener and for the listener!  Keep in mind we try to appeal to all age groups and types of people in the disco scene! Check out the late night party for all you deep dark raving type clubbers!  (Yes we know you’re out there!) We promise to keep delivering great content if you promise to keep listening! We are also moving are party crew into the latest club fad GLOW STICKS! That’s rite folks be ready for spotting the ktu party crew out and about handing out free glow sticks. We know what you all want! -peace for all
  12. Hey nj guido is cool

    I herd of this site!
  13. Glow sticks A hot club Trend?

    LOL Jennifer over in PR warned me that I would run into some internet guru clubbers!!  You seem like you know allot about things out here on the internet clubbing world. We will be out and around stop by : Party Crew Appearance Thursday July 17 Hang out with the KTU Party Crew and White Castle as they invade the Lincoln Center located on 67th & Columbus in NYC from 6:30p-9:30p. And we will be glad to give you a T-Shirt.. Go Get em Tiger! :D
  14. Glow sticks A hot club Trend?

    This is Jeff (Head Marketing Coordinator) What can I do for you?
  15. Glow sticks A hot club Trend?

    Wow! I am very surprised by this response to the glow sticks. We have found many studies that point to the average “Night Clubber†enjoying them. What suggestions would you make? Liquid touch we are defiantly willing to work with you! For all the information you need please follow this url link Click Here