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  1. New to the board

    crazysolarbaby, where can i find a pic of ya ? Who else is from the area and is looking to have some fun....i like wild girls...girls that like to be those special friends..... Ms. KTU wassup babe....u know who i am we talk all the time....just think of djais..... Luz....thanks for the warm welcome.....
  2. Bon Jovi Tixs 4 Sale

    Anyone interested in going to see Bon Jovi this Thursday at Giants Stadium, I am selling 4 seats they are in Section 320 Row 1 seats 1 thru 4...... I also have Pre-Season Giants tixs for sale as well....
  3. New to the board

    I posted about a month ago and some posted back that i knew from the other board, wondering who else is out there , that is near brick Nj ?? I will now be working at Deko starting the Fall and Djais for the rest of the summer, come by and say hi....
  4. What Nationality Has The Best Looking People?

    What else....ITALIAN BABY!!!
  5. New to this Board

    Holy Hell talk about Bumping someone's post. First i introduce myself and than it turns into addicting games LOL...its all good, no hard feelings... Dbol...wassup man...thanks for the welcome out mat... Hunnie....how u doing ?? Are u evil here as well... LaFem.....good answer....but how do I find out for sure ? ? Caleeb...whomever you are.....listen up, i came here for no drama and i know there will be some, but Didn't Bus already tell you it is bad to talk about people.....Now u can say what u want, but it seems to me u are pushing alot of peoples buttons....the bad part here is Ang...happens to be a friend of mine too....so we share a common friend.....but don't say things about a person you don't know. Just a fair warning..... thanks for the welcome , now it is time for me to make my mark.... let the games begin....
  6. New to this Board

    Do you dance as good as u fcuk ?
  7. New to this Board

    Thanks to all the responded....xraptureX seen you many times at Bunka and Djais How you doing Luvle nice seeing you again. Erica, thanks and how u doing Danfury, did we meet ? where at ?? So where do i go and see pics of all the unknowns that i never saw ?
  8. New to this Board

    Thanks and thanks for welcoming me
  9. New to this Board

    Some of you know me from Guido, i signed up to have fun on both boards. Just saying hi and hope this is as much fun as the other....For all that dn't know me, i work for Hunka Bunka in Sayreville Bouncing on Weekends, well the old bunka, and also bounce at Djais now in the summer. I am 6'8 270lbs and work for the Nj Turnpike Authority as a Civil and Electrical Engineer... Hope to chat with many of you ..later