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  1. It is not the same w/o Ivano, went to afterhours today and by 11:00 am no music, I guess he is important for the little energy that was left on the roof!!!!
  2. how long will N/V last????

    From what I was told they tried to block Oakenfold but did not succeed. So I do believe they are off to a good start. There is plenty of good talent out there and Space can not book everyone so hopefully they will be bringing in new names top this town.
  3. Space Fucks up Yet Again

    NV may not have opened yet but I heard they are going to kick ass in August with there line-up. These people are not going to fuck around !! If they treat people right then that is all that matters hopefully they will not start with bullshit of $ 40 and take the cover to $ 80 b/c there is a long line.
  4. NV Upcoming Events

    Saeed & Palash coming to NV in August