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  1. good way to see how truly dead the site is.. besides the usual spambot garbage
  2. Why are my posts not getting posted?

    wow.. someone is actually posting??
  3. Ok So.....

    waiting for someone to post...sad
  4. Are you kidding me?

    plus with the cj is closed topic locked (the only active thread on this site for weeks) there goes the rest of the activity on these forums:pothead:
  5. change....

    rainbow six vegas 2 out tonite... werd
  6. Is Cooljunkie Closed??

    i rather get kicked in the nuts then post here
  7. Is Cooljunkie Closed??

    wow this new look sucks. can u say cp??? barf
  8. Karu closes any1 care?

  9. Is Cooljunkie Closed??

    LOL awesome.....#1 ----sound familiar??? lol
  10. Way To Go!

    preach on brotha rob..... smudge agrees. thats why i dont post in this graveyard anymore........
  11. So where are the changes and improvements?

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz at this site lol
  12. for some reason i have a feeling phil is mr negativity lol hope to make it out to this.........
  13. upcoming shine shows.....

    nice one B chill out house
  14. upcoming shine shows.....

    king britt????? thereeeeeeeeeeeeee