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  1. Anyone know where Star and Bucwild are going

    :mad: :mad: :mad: More news about Star & Buc: I did a google.com search and found their website was up and running thanks to Power 104.1. There's not much info on it yet...but it does state that they will be back on the air on new years day 2004. Here's the web address: starandbucwild.com. Peace. Let the HATE be infectious.
  2. Anyone know where Star and Bucwild are going

    Hi group. This was sent to my aol account last week regarding Star and Bucwild: "Well it's official... Star and Buckwild are coming back to radio... If you haven't heard, the controversial and highly successful morning show team will be returning to radio on December 1st, 2003 on a morning show on WPHH ( 104.1 FM). This radio station has just become Power 104 in September 2003. They are runned by the same people who run Power 105.1... So it looks like it is a wrap for the Morning Show on Hot 97.1 ....Stay tuned for more details. " I'm not how true this is. But hopefully those 2 will be back on the air soon enough. People like Sway, Ed & Dre, and Doug & Dee Dee have done a good time. But it's time for Star to show them all how it's done. The HATE will be infectious. Peace.