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  1. Ok so I go to drag my friends out to Nation the other night cause it sounded good and free and figured I'd check it out. I told my friends the location and they said it sounds like eclipse, we all joked about getting into that place when we weren't even old enough to drink, but I guaranteed them there would be chicks there and the music would be good and its stuff that you don't hear on the radio. While we were getting ready my friend asked about a dress code and I told him that it was supposed to be an UNDERGROUND-type party for people who like good music so being that they don't discrimnate at established NYC places such as avalon and arc, that he should be fine with designer sneakers and a long sleeve t-shirt. So we get to eclipse, i mean nation, at around 1045pm to ensure free entry. We walk up to the big fat bouncers guarding the doors and they told us that they weren't letting people in and to come back in about 20 minutes, as we were walking away one of them says, "ever hear of a dress code." THANK YOU ASSHOLE. I don't put up with that shite! You can thank those dudes if there wasn't a big turnout.... I really wanted to hear some good tunes close to home that night too, but who was I kidding. My advice would be to have the promoters decide who stays and who go's, not some juiced up bouncer.
  2. I heard on the radio that global underground was throwing a party at nation tonight... any truth to that...