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    An Ascessment Of Mine: In watching the [racist] "entertainment show", "wild on", (as I have, for the past 6 and 1/2 years), I have come to the final conclusion, [after having spoken with the producers of the show "wild on", that seem to gear their show primarily to a anglo audience, & not caring about the race issues invloved, that they help fester, (as well as the owners and managers of the mexican night clubs to be mentioned in this post), it seems that there is somewhat a anti black [male] sentiment, when it comes to black males, wanting to patronize such nightclubs in mexico, such as the CABO WABO CANTINA, as well as COCO BONGO NIGHTCLUB... The final conclusion to this matter I have?: I have tried my [very] best, in an attempt to contact the above mentioned nightclubs, in an attempt to speak with the owners and or managers, [via e-mail and by phone] regarding the inquiry I had, to confirm, if black males are not desired as patrons to their nightclubs, [different from that of anglo males, american, or other wise] from what is innapropriately depicted on "wild on", but never getting any direct reply from either owner or manager, getting the run around on the inquiry..... In not having a valid reply, I would strongly urge black males going to mexico, (a danger, in itself, being black going to), not to be patrons either of these nightclubs, as I believe that black males, [as least] are not going to be very welcomed there, unlike anglo males and females, and females of all races and colors will be....