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  1. spirit fight in dj booth??!!!!

    Despite the circumstance or what you think of the music that was being played, who's a dick and who isn't, etc. Any kind of physical violence in a DJ booth is uncalled for, unprofessional and coming from a "professional" DJ is a disgrace to the profession. I hope owners, promoters, booking agents, and such take note of this incident.
  2. SF reunion Party in Connecticut

    Read the ad carefully What they are saying is that Sylver is going to be performing the JP remix of all this time. Happens all the time, the vocalist of a song goes on tour without the artist or producer who made the music.
  3. the entire ViP table area in SPiRiT...

    Umm, what she ^ said is right on. I have not noticed the mass of cult followers in a K hole at Spirit and have not seen anything that does not happen at every other club I have been to on the east coast.
  4. AfterglowPix of the week !!!

    Well, I know where I will be on the 13th Good seeing you again last week and I enjoyed the article.
  5. I am starting a new feature where I will be posting one of my favorite pix from the previous week on this forum. I would appreciate any comments you have as to why you like it or don't like it. Thanks and enjoy, KrisKat A woman enjoying the music of Tommyboy & MacGuyver at Spirit in New York City, click here for more Nightlife Pix.
  6. Jonathan Peters @ Spirit afterglowpix

    You must know me! Thanks everyone, I am glad you enjoyed them. Oldschool - I use a Canon 10d with an assortment of lenses, primarily a 20-35mm
  7. A Note to JP:

    NYC afterhours has changed so you better get used to it. If the dance music industry wants to thrive in NY this is exactly the thing that needs to be done. After what happened at Sound Factory and the opening night at Black, marathon sets every weekend are gone. Save the long sets for when you have a special event or theme night and it will be all that more special because you don't have them every weekend. What do think people do in other cities like boston which shuts down at 2am sharp. As far as JP last week was concerned I though Jp was good if a little reserved, except for the last hour, he rocked it. And I don't think all these people hated it:
  8. Come and check out my pictures from this past weekend at Spirit with Jonathan Peters. They can be found at www.afterglowpix.com Let me know what you think. Thanks, KrisKat Here is one of my favorites
  9. Dear Mr. Tenaglia,

    Thanks for your feedback, What is it you don't like about them and how might I improve my work?
  10. Dear Mr. Tenaglia,

    Dear Mr. Tenaglia, After a number of failed attempts to contact DJs via private correspondence I have decide to use a medium that you are familiar with, the internet, to increase the odds that you will get a chance to read this. My name is Kristen Nelson (aka KrisKat) and I am writing to you today in regards to the final “Be Yourself†party at ARC on April 23rd. I have only recently begun to explore NYC nightlife and I am happy that I will finally be able to experience what some of my friends have called the best party ever. It seems that the world would agree judging by your recent award from Dancestar magazine. A group of my friends from Philadelphia will be in attendance on this historic day, but that is not why I am writing to you today. Six weeks ago I was fortunate to be allowed to combine some of my greatest joys in life. My love of dance music, the incredible people that make up the EDM scene, and my love of photography. A woman named Tempe Marie took a chance and allowed me access to photograph Max Graham at Tribecca Nightclub in Philadelphia. To her I will always be grateful, as she opened the door for me to a whole new world of photographic possibility. While my experiences as a photographer span over twenty years, with numerous photographs being published including three international magazine covers to my credit, I had never taken photographs in such a dynamic environment before. I was nervous about the challenges nightclub lighting would present but I faced them head on, camera to my eye, and began a new chapter in my evolution as a photographer. Since that time I have had the great fortune of being accepted by the people of Philadelphia and have been allowed to photograph a number of different people and events including Danny Howells, Jimmy Van M, Chris Fortier, Jackal & Hyde and others. I believe this acceptance comes from my approach and philosophy of photography. Respect of the subject forms the foundation of my belief. Unlike Paparazzi who shamelessly jam cameras in celebrities’ faces I prefer to politely ask if I may take a picture. When the subject happens to be a deejay I am also considerate of the fact they are doing something they love and strive to be as unobtrusive as possible. I also strive to capture and portray the positive energy, excitement and joy that come from the interaction of a deejay and the throngs of fans dancing the night away. The vibe as it is called is indescribable, elusive and a matter of pure emotion. If I can put just a small amount of that emotion into an image I have done my job and created a powerful photograph. With that in mind I would like to ask for your help, and permission, to allow me the opportunity to photograph the final “Be Yourself with Danny Tenaglia†at ARC. I understand that it has been a long-standing policy of ARC to not allow cameras into the venue. I have also been told that you are in favor of relaxing this rule for these final parties. I would appreciate it if there is any way you could help me in this endeavor and it would be a great honor to photograph you and what is sure to be the biggest Friday in ARC’s history. To review my recent work please feel free to browse the photographs on my website at www.afterglowpix.com and get an idea of what my photography is about. I take great pride in my work and would appreciate any comments you might have. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter and I look forward to hearing from you. I can be contacted at [email protected] Sincerely, Kristen V. Nelson
  11. We are all going to hell anyways. At least we will be on the VIP list.
  12. To Everyone..... Please Read

    I am sure you all think I am some kind of JP whack job by now which is understandable. I wrote this piece with his fan base in mind. Yes, I do like JP. But I also like a lot of other DJ as well who are equally talented. I believe in harm reduction and while drugs in society will be around for a very log time, I hope I can do a little to help people think before they OD. The one thing I have noticed across all of the forums is no one has criticized the main message of not being irresponsible. What ever you may think of JP, his fans or drug use, no one said ODing was good. A lot of the responses have been a matter of personal opinion and I believe everyone is entitled to them and their right to express them. I would like to thank everyone who posted for keeping this thread at the top of the board for the day. The total posts of 130 and views of 1281 to date did exactly what I had hoped. People read it and that is the main goal. I hope everyone has a great night wherever they decide to go and that everyone does the smart thing, be safe. >|<
  13. To Everyone..... Please Read

    I knew this thread would catch a lot of sh*t from some and understanding from others. Great, the real intent is to get people to read it. If only one person rethinks their actions tonight and decides on a more responsible course than it was worth it. I enjoy the music of many different DJs and respect the ones who play musical styles I don't like. They are all artists in their own right each with their own style. If every DJ played what any one person considered good, this would be a very boring place. I care enough about the EDM scene to try and do my small part to make it better and I thank those who take the time to show their appreciation. I hope everyone has a great time tonight at whatever venue they are going to and that everyone shows a little bit of respect and responsibilty. Dance Hard and Play Safe KK
  14. The wait will soon be over as we join together to celebrate the beginning of a new journey into the depths of NYC after hours like no one has ever seen. After years of being loyal fans and appreciating his gifts of music, when others wouldn't even listen, he has shown us that we are indeed his family. He could have broke out and gone global sharing his music with the world, like so many other DJs have done. But to be true to his fans he has gone out on a limb and stuck his neck out to give us one of the biggest clubs in Manhattan, with the most powerful sound system in the country. In short, the greatest after hours club there ever was. Not only is his money, and reputation at stake, but his belief that we are the greatest fans in the world. So now it's our turn, to show JP and the world, that we are indeed the best family anyone could have. How you might ask. By not being a bunch of losers, that's how. Let's remember that we are in our new home. Don't throw your trash on the ground, use a garbage can, and tell others to do the same. You don't throw empties on the floor of your house, do you? OK, I know some of you probably do, but lets respect this house. Spread the word, JP is fantastic and we love his MUSIC. Lets make sure everyone else in the world knows that it's not about the drugs, it's about dancing to the music. If I see someone so wrecked that they are passed out in a corner I am going to kick them, or dance on their head, until they get up and get the f*$k out. I hope everyone has learned the lessons of Sound Factory and no one lets any irresponsible behavior ruin this great opportunity. This is not a crack house or an opium den. This is a place to dance, listen to great music, and enjoy yourself with your family. Respect the dance! Don't cut across a crowded dance floor just to get to the other side. Don't swing you glow sticks on strings in the middle of the floor when space is limited enough already. There is a place and time for everything. There is no such thing, as bad dancing so don't criticize others. We all look like a bunch raving lunatics on the dance floor. And if you don't believe me I will show you the photos. Also remember that we, the family of true hardcore JP fans, are putting our reputations on the line. Are we going to show everyone we can do it the right way and in style? Or are we going to look like a bunch of [email protected]#holes by letting a few people ruin a good thing? Watch out for yourselves and watch out for others. If we keep a tight ship and develop a reputation for not allowing losers to screw things up, then the losers wont come knocking on the door in the first place. Most of all, dance hard, BE SAFE and have the best time of your lives. Life is too short to waste opportunities like this on irresponsible behavior when we could be dancing. Kristen a.k.a. KrisKat