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  1. you might be a redneck if....

    Damn It, I'm Vixen!
  2. Funny Christmas Songs

    it seems every year there is are many alternative holiday songs that come out on the radio. many of them, i find extremely obnoxious and annoying. but, i recently heard one on the radio this year that i could listen to all year long. i did a google search for the title, "Damn It, I'm Vixen!" and low and behold, there is a FREE MP3 download of the song and lyrics too. the link to the site is: www.damnitimvixen.com and the song download is: Damn It, I'm Vixen! MP3 Download finally, a holiday song i like. what are your favorite funny christmas songs?
  3. Christmas Music

    last week i heard Damn It, I'm Vixen on the Big D and Bubba show and think it is one of the better funny / alternative holiday songs of recent years. you can be the judge as you can download a free MP3 of the song and view the lyrics at: www.damnitimvixen.com i've added it to my playlist.