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  1. Dont be surprised if jp

    yea that'll happen.... whatever, u want jp at an afterhours place, ur gonna have to deal w/ all the booLLLshit
  2. where do you go to school/work/both?

    i go to school at manhattan college work at urban outfitters and occasionally on the corner of 45th....
  3. Let the college finals ranting begin...

    15 page marketing plan on Nutella for christsakeeeeee 20 pages of business law questions and 5 finals next week and a dry spell to top it all off
  4. jp @ exit for nye is this true

    this was predictable...... this party is gonna be out of control i'm there.. fuck the bells i'm going naked and never leaving BWHAHAHAH jk i've never been to exit before bc i heard it was a total shit hole, but this should be interesting my first time at exit w/ jp woo hoo
  5. Wmc '04....

    yea but now they're linked into ur computer and watching u... u friggin tweek freak GET A GRIP nah i'm just kidding.... can we say two spring breaks...... guess i'll be getting "my tonsils out"

    i'll bring the schmokes.... i went here a couple of weeks ago, and i don't know how they are going to magically change it from homo-central to straight in one week, so lil boys be careful and keep ur shirts on!!! can anyone say CRACK HEAD REUNION.....
  7. CROBAR - Opening 12/12???

    i think they're actually opening this weekend, only private parties though... Dolce and Gabbana rented out the whole VIP section or something like that for this weekend, and they're throwing their own private party hmm maybe this will rejuvenate nyc nightlife a lil bit, god knows we need it!!!
  8. The million dollar question new york...

    bowls, blunts taste yucky, and i get too messed up off bongs.... and i sound like i'm six.........