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  1. Calgary Dance Scene

    I'm new to the city and was wondering everyone's opinion on: The state of the "scene" here What are everyone's favorite clubs? P.S.......SUNDAYS AT THE CHERRY LOUNGE......... ------------HOUSE--D&B--JUNGLE------------ :D :eek: :D
  2. Canadian bars

    Hey, if you want to go clubbing in Halifax there are some realities that you will have to face..1: there is quite a dedicated, albiet small, group of partie freaks out here you just have to know where to go. 2: except for the occasional (more like every second month) party that Massive throws, will not likely contain a typical circut DJ. However the talent of the local dj's is impressive. You will always find a house show (wed in Hell) a few hip hop shows (Sat at the Argyle) and lots of other little clubs; the And, Seahorse, Reflections 3: the after party is at 2112 gottegen...aka club red. every friday, sat, and some sundays there are breaks/house/techno shows till 8am... Put on your dancin shoes kids!