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  1. All New Sundays At Sleep

    when the club first opened (dunno what's up there lately, perhaps it's cheaper now in an effort to get people to actually show up so the club doesn't close as fast as the 3 before it) the cost to park and get in was ridiculous. and no i'm not cheap by any means. i don't mind spending money when the club is fun and it's worth while. this is not nyc it's woodbridge/east bumblefuck, nj. this is not an amazing club it's a renovated shack formerly known as crossroads indian restaurant. and no i'm not saying no clubs in jersey are good but to be acting like SLEEP is the new hot spot in jersey where everyone should flock to is just crazy. do you see a lot of posts raving about SLEEP? no. do you see a ton of posts about people hitting SLEEP this weekend or last weekend? no. just posts by a couple people (one or more who work there) trying but failing to get some people up in there. a couple of you posted nice things about SLEEP, but i just wanted to post MY opinion for all those who may be traveling all the way over here thinking this is some hot, bumpin, new club that they should waste their money on. the crappy bowling alley across the street from the club is probably more bumpin on the weekends. if there's a night you can get in free and you wanna check it out that's cool. i'd rather sit home and set my money on fire than spend it at that place again. can anyone tell me why all the clubs at this same location have failed before? and what makes SLEEP different? seems like the same poor location/crappy club/discount DJ combination except this time around there's a fresh coat of paint and flashy lights. much like a homey putting $2,500 rims on his 1984 honda accord or a 60 year old toothless prostitute dressing up in prada, SLEEP aint foolin nobody. no diss to the owners who will unfortunately lose some money due to this business venture, but if as you say they really knew what they were doing they would have done some more research and passed on opening THIS club. i'm sure at first SLEEP made some quick money offa people, but it doesn't take long for the word to spread around when a club sucks. it's just a matter of time before SLEEP closes and cheng's cantonese buffet renovates and opens up.
  2. All New Sundays At Sleep

    don't waste your money on this tiny overpriced "club." it seems like every other month this building is something new (restaurant, bar, club, etc.) with a new owner. most recently it was an indian restaurant that decided to have a "latin night" to make more money. before that it was a club called detours that nobody went to either. people in woodbridge don't even want to go to SLEEP. if you live far do not be fooled and do not travel to SLEEP to waste your money on this glorified bar that is bound to go out of business like all the ones before it .