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  1. DJ Shops?!?

    What are some of the best stores to go shopping for DJing equipment in Dade / Broward ??? value / quality wise.... Thx!
  2. What's up CP?

    thx man, I'm pretty sure a mix of some latin w/ house wouldn't come out as bad... guess, I'll have 2 try & c.... let's c how it goes thx again, though!
  3. What's up CP?

    Appreciate it
  4. What's up CP?

    lol... alright, I'll take it under consideration!
  5. What's up CP?

    New to the boards.... trying to do the crossover from latin / hip hop 2 more underground-club type of house! any suggestions 2 make the transition a lil smoother? hits, promo's, record pools, charts??? Thanks! btw, Maria (Feli) brought me in!