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  1. Mansion

    I have a feeling a couple of cubans are going to come down to Brookline and set Patrick's house on fire.
  2. If Flavanugz and Xlr8ted were morphed...

    so the end result is a hungover irish guy that looks like he hasn't left the house in 10 years? What a fucking surprise.
  3. The Miami Wmc Is @ Underbar

    yeah the best miami club according to the 'people in the know' who are obviously in Boston, is some basement that holds 10 people that's only open on tuesdays 20 miles from downtown, where some girl's boyfriend plays 'the really good house'.
  4. The Miami Wmc Is @ Underbar

    skybar and nikki beach are the best clubs? What about cameo, prive, space, twilo, nocturnal, and umm crobar?
  5. DEMF announced!

    So what's the turn out at this thing? Worth flying to? Where are the pictures from last year...etc.
  6. Reversible Records @ Rise 4/6

    so they moved flava-palooza to rise? I guess noone will be complaining about the microwave light this year. Good times though....fucking good times.
  7. I'm just hoping some hot miami ass is going to fly up to providence to listen to miami's version of louie de-guido. Spirit in my life and miami project vs queen = SICK!
  8. JUNKIE XL w/ Eli Wilkie @ AXIS 3/30!

    no cover AND drink tickets........that's almost enough to get people from Boston to come to a club event.
  9. wmc anthems

    Marc Marberg - Megashira
  10. I know I've been bouncing around all week. :getdown:
  11. stymie that sig is getting on my fucking nerves....
  12. Def' going to this one.
  13. Are Geezers welcome?

    Most of the Boston posters here are in their 30's. The average age on this board is probably late twenties, although I'm 25.
  14. WMC Boston Roll Call - Who actually came back and is still alive?

    wow that bothered you enough to try to dig up some shit that's 3 years old and taken way out of context? I guess your self esteem must be REALLY HIGH. You're like a townie that rehashes the same story about how they met wayne gretsky at a bar on the north shore and shook his hand, and he was a 'really cool guy'.
  15. WMC Boston Roll Call - Who actually came back and is still alive?

    I didn't know anything COULD make mik more intelligent.