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  1. Visiting New York.......Need Ideas

    If Ferry Corsten ever gets confirmed so we can get tickets then it's on!!! Now hopefully we'll have enough time to see some sights and manage to get some rest in between shows!! Eh screw it who needs sleep.....j/k;) Still I hope to get to see some other sites while were there.....and hopefully a nice sunrise after both shows. That's truly a beautiful thing to see when you've been dancing all night. There's only one place you can do that here and the place is a shithole. Even the "parties" out here usually let out too early here for that. Can't wait to see what NYC has in store for us!! <3 The St. Louis kids......
  2. Visiting New York.......Need Ideas

    I've noticed myself how alot of your clubs Saturday nights are unofficial "gay" nights. Not that I have a problem with that since my roomy is a beautiful gay man. I was just wondering why......not enough breeders go clubbing out there anymore? heehee Anyways....were set and ready to go! Too bad it's soooo far away. Hopefully everything turns out cool and we have a blast! And thanks again for all the responses.....
  3. Visiting New York.......Need Ideas

    Eeerrr.....recession special.....eerrr:(
  4. Visiting New York.......Need Ideas

    Thanks for your help!! Were all NYC party virgins so we wanna have a blast while were there! I forgot who but someone on here had a link to raveclick.com and I was that Ferry Corsten will be at Avalon on 2/28. It's not confirmed on Ferry's site or Avalons site........but hopefully that will happen. But if not then maybe we'll get to hit up one of these other places. Crobar sounds cool......if it's anything like the one in CHI then I can just imagine how fun NYC is? So [email protected] is a great event huh? HEEHEE I can't wait.....we saw him throw down a great 3 hour set in CHI last February. Normally we wouldn't travel so far but for a 6 hour set......you can count us in!! On another note......how are the clubbers there? Just curious.....sometimes it can be wierd when your walking into other peoples scenes...... <3 The St. Louis kids.....
  5. Visiting New York.......Need Ideas

    bump Cmon now......
  6. Hello everybody!! Me and three of my friends are all hitting up NYC for the [email protected] 2/27 show. But were staying in town until Sunday night. I was wondering if anyone could give us some suggestions on where to go on a Saturday night? We were thinking of hitting up Sound Factory but from what I've seen on these boards, it doesn't seem to be a hotspot anymore....... Any help would be great.....thanks in advance! <3 The St. Louis kids........ P.S. Were all over 21 so age requirements are not a problem.