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  1. I have reservations at the days downtown for 59/night. Its not the one at the airport. I figure space and the ultra party isnt even on south beach. They're downtown. By the water but on the downtown side. You have to take a cab to these events if you are staying on south beach anyway, because you have to cross the causeways. How are the wet grooves and radio 1 parties. R they located on south beach? Cabbing it will be a necessity either way and you aint gonna find a place on south beach for less than double the 59/ night. Its not worth it to me when I have a lot of costly partying ahead of me. Let me know what you think of my those parties. Joe
  2. Temp. Master Party List

    Not sure why you did it. How come some of the acts appearing at ultra have LIVE next to them while others ( including PVD, Tiesto) don't. Could you clarify. I was under the impression they'll all be there c ya there
  3. Tickets for Space events

    thanks for the help joe
  4. Thinking of going to see Sander and PVD on the 25th. Also hoping tiesto will confirm for the 24th. Do these space event tickets go on sale on the web prior to the night of? When Can I expect them to start to go on sale? Thanks Joe
  5. This is my first year going down for the WMC. It seems like space is the place for the hot party each night. Does anyone know their lineup for the week of. Also what are some other parties that week. All info would be much appreciated. Thanks Joe
  6. Tiesto in LA on NYE! Ya heard?

    I appreciate everyone who had insight into this years NYE parties on the other coast. On the otherhand, get a life "somebitch". Its a shame people like you r here.
  7. Tiesto in LA on NYE! Ya heard?

    anything ya hear let me know. So how has the giant nye thing been in past years?
  8. Tiesto in LA on NYE! Ya heard?

    He all, Joe from NYC. I am planning to fly to LA to see tiesto on NYE. I would love any info you guys have heard. Heard he will be at spundae-godskitchen. What is the venue out there. Maybe he is going to be at the Giant village thing you guys are so lucky to have.... Not quite warm enough to do that here. Anyway, would love any info at all. Thanks Joe