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  1. Roxy On Saturday

    Save your race relations/history for after recess during 5th period son.
  2. Roxy On Saturday

    I'll usually check other. I hate to be defined really to one category. Although checking other would be its own category. Also, why the hell are you taking all the credit for this thread? That's not right.
  3. Roxy On Saturday

    This sounds like high school hoorah. Grow the f--- up!
  4. Roxy On Saturday

    In order to post my pic I need a digital camera which I don't have at this time but maybe we'll set up a meet and greet...
  5. Roxy On Saturday

    And you my dear, are so awesome!! You deserve a gold f----ng star for your attitude. Good karma awaits you.
  6. Roxy On Saturday

    Thanks for the information that I was looking for. I had an idea that there was a way to get in w/o all the bs. It was posted on the message boards that The Roxy is free on Saturdays by this chic. Anyways, you won't be dissapointed seeing me up in there.
  7. Roxy On Saturday

    Right on, Right on. That was a good one.
  8. Roxy On Saturday

    ok. well I'm a sista sort of.
  9. Roxy On Saturday

    I was asked if I was X. And since I am not this person named X, I said no. May I ask you your ethnicity? Are you a brother?
  10. Roxy On Saturday

  11. Roxy On Saturday

    As soon as I can get you a pic online I will.
  12. Roxy On Saturday

    I have a big butt. It's nice. I get many compliments.
  13. Roxy On Saturday

    So if I send you a pic, I get on the guest list? I will see about getting a pic to you.
  14. Roxy On Saturday

    I stand 5'3 and weigh 120pounds. Petite. I have black hair which is shoulder length. Race is mixed black/white. Considered very attractive. What else do you wanna know? Oh yeah, I'm 25.
  15. Roxy On Saturday

    Ahlright, cool. I'll check out the Roxy regardless.