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  1. The Death of the Hallucinogens...

    well tha doesn't help me much... people experiment... and i wanna experiment... so can sumone help me out please?
  2. The Death of the Hallucinogens...

    have either of u tried drinkin cough syrup?? i got childrens dimetapp im tryin to find shit out bout it before i do it... its got DXM in it and enough to get me and two others messed up... can u please help me?! thanks
  3. childrens dimetapp

    i got sum childrens dimetapp... how many milligrams of dxm do i need to get messed up, well whats the least?? it has Brompheniramine and pseudoephedrine along with DXM in it... will thoseothers harm me?? can they kill me~?!!?! has anoyne drank childrens dimetapp?? sry for all the quesitons... than ks
  4. ok, i got sum childrens dimetapp, its got enough dxm in it to get me and 2 others messed up... from what i've read at least. now does anyone know if the other things in it will effect me in bad ways or harm me?? and if anyone has AIM, IM me at BrakngTheHabit... i'mma be on. thanks a lot.