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  1. Where is Peter Gatien

    No more girlfriend. But he is still in Toronto..
  2. Peter Gatien documentary

    anyone know where to find Michael Caruso aka Lord Michael?
  3. Peter Gatien documentary

    call "us"? not clear what you mean...
  4. Peter Gatien documentary

    Email me your experience in the club scene or as an employee to [email protected] appreciate your response
  5. Where is Peter Gatien

    Peter is in Toronto. It is impossible that such a recognizable man could go back and forth from the US and Canada. He was deported, you idiot. You ought to be schooled. I know this scene inside and out..You are a huge loser who cannot even spell or string a sentence. I doubt you even got into any of Gatien's clubs.
  6. Peter Gatien documentary

    Currently producing a documentary on Peter Gatien and am looking for former employees, clubbers, etc who knew him at the height of his career in New York. We have a distribution deal and would like to submit for next year's Sundance Film Festival. Peter Gatien is fully cooperating. Must complete all interviews by September 2004.
  7. Where is Peter Gatien

    So, time will indeed tell the truth. Call CAA to see who they are packaging in Akiva Goldsman's film. And should you want to know Peter's whereabouts, call his cell number. And even when Peter was in New York, the last place you would see him is at Pangea. The Toronto papers do sightings of him every week walking his dog, dining out, etc. He is well known in that city. Hmm...for some one who claims to know so much, you have likely never even met the guy. A movie based on Dave Marvisi taking him down? Ridiculous as Marvisi wasn't even yet part of the scene. His problems began in 1996 and went to trial in 1998. You have gotten so many things wrong that I wonder what makes you think you know anything about him. There is the truth.
  8. Where is Peter Gatien

    Wow. While you may pretend to know what you are talking about, I can promise you that what I write is fact. Spike Lee was never pitched to do a movie. The script is complete and a reading was just done in LA with major stars. Peter is in Toronto and has been there since September meeting with publishers for a book based on his experiences. Slick Rick's case has nothing to do with Peter's. Slick Rick chose to appeal his case while in a detention center. Peter decided not to appeal as he did not want to be jailed for the time it would take the appeal. It is irresponsible to write things that have no truth. Peter will be in the Feb Time Out NY. Vanity Fair is considering his story.
  9. Where is Peter Gatien

    Peter is in Canada. He has not been in New York for ages, and is indeed doing a film with his daughter. Reports of being in NYC, Brazil or Japan are wrong.