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    a "Live" act is one where they will be playing the instruments (Keyboards, drum machines, etc) on stage.. where a "dj set" is where they will be spinning records.. I personally think all the "live" acts should be on one stage.. and the dj's on the other, because it takes so long to set up and tear down the equipment that it takes time away from the dj's. Hope this helps... Ross
  2. WMC Set Times

    Hey, Does anyone have any Idea of Set times at WMC. Here are the ones I will be going to. The Radio 1 party @ nikki beach? will oakie be playing between 1-4 since that is the time that they will be live in london? is Marco V playing before PVD @ Space friday? and what time is PVD's Set? Does anyone know Set times on the Main Stages for ultra? I hope they wont be sending us back and forth between the main stages again. I mean for the most part the people that come to see the live acts were bouncing back and forth, and those of us that were there to see the superstar dj's were bouncing back and forth too.. if they would put the live acts on one stage, and the dj's on the main stage.. it seems everyone would be happy. I am going to see Ferry Corsten @ opium after ultra and I am assuming he will be playing from 3-6. Tiesto and cor's set times @ space on Sunday.. anyone? or do we just guess ?? Ross
  3. Space Dress Code

    Hey I hope this hasnt been asked already, but what is the dress code for Space during the Conference.. I am going to Van Dyk, and Tiesto, and I dont see a dress code on the flyer. thanks Ross

    I hope they put the live acts on one stage, and the Superstar DJ's on the Main Stage... it takes way too long to change up the live acts for those of us that dont want the music to stop..
  5. I would say Friday-Sunday.. PVD @ Space on Friday Night, Ultra 6 on Sat, and Tiesto/Ferry on Sunday night @ space. That would be a helluva weekend. Vegas
  6. That's a tall order...I wish armin/ferry would do ultra.... *Fingers Crossed* Vegas
  7. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm...

    You left one out.... The night before Lincoln died, he was in Monroe, Maryland... The night before Kennedy died, he was in Marilyn, Monroe...