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  1. did anyone go to spirit saturday night

    it was very slow but the music was UNREAL!! I was definately impressed with the dj and soundsystem.
  2. it was dj exacta 5am to 10am and then merrit from 10 on. exacta was off tha hook.....
  3. discoteque..

    merrit and whitmore till 10 then exacta 10-2 they were all sick....
  4. D*e*e*p

    love the music sat.. dj rips it up!
  5. whos at discotech (or however you spell it) sunday?

    exacta and whitmore at disco both reallyy good and exacta produces sick tracks so he will probably drop some good new shit. I heard also exacta signed with subliminal and morillo so i am sure he is dope.
  6. morillo white rabbit

    morillo played the sickest white rabbit mix i ever heard. said dj exacta did the remix of it. diff from sf mix. siccccckkkkkk
  7. Whos the DJ at Deep on Saturdays?

    the dj is Exacta. honestly was any one there to hear this guy? he is insane. one of the best sets I ever heard. He is a miami dj? he gave me a cd and he has his own song called "flippin" which is #1 on Junior's top ten. He is a dj to watch. will be HUGE!!