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  1. Richie Rydell First Time @ Platinum Friday

    SICK! SICK! SICK! Can't wait
  2. Thursday @ Platinum: Joe Budden

    Gonna be good, "my skills stay dirty like a project vent"
  3. Bugouts Bday Roll Call This FRIDAY

    Oh, i'll bring the kettle, you bring the milk thistle lol:eek:
  4. My Birthday This Weekend--Invite to ALL

    Happy b-day Mike! Hope your ready for fri., come in wit your game face on cause we're puttin you under the table. Your gonna have a nice fuzzy feeling in that kidney of yours after im done servin you. lol
  5. Looking for Female Bartenders

    Lol! Oh, how much fun that would be:eek: Whats good Marco, long time no speak. Still killin'em with that latin flava lol.
  6. Heaven and Hell

    Whats good dadddy! Figure it's time ta get up with u's.
  7. Heaven and Hell

    Well i can def. help with the getting drunk part, can't say much about the getting other people laid though. Than again:rolleyes: