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  1. Foot Fetish

    this has got to be one of the most interesting subject i've seen today
  2. The perfect Date

    why is there always a fucking turd trying to start something .............I mean honestly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The perfect Date

    fucking turd
  4. The Universal Question

  5. The Universal Question

    okay ladies We all want to know anal or normal which one is better?
  6. The perfect Date

    oh lord fine!!!!!
  7. The perfect Date

    oh my BAddddddd okay okay ladiessssss anal or regular? which one is better? better flip?
  8. The perfect Date

    I'll have to say defenite on that one
  9. The perfect Date

    An interesting topic.......THE FIRST DATE!!!!!!!! What would you think would be the perfect date? :banghead:
  10. Depression...?

    Depression is such a shitty feeling I don't think i could ever deal with that
  11. Scary!

    what a damn shame
  12. what you drinkin?

    Yo the last time I went to your crib I left feeling greattttttttt but it was the bbq. That time i had things to see and people to do
  13. what you drinkin?

    but the water would just make the drink softer right
  14. what you drinkin?

    mongolian motherfucket yummy
  15. what you drinkin?

    drink a redbull!! redbull with vodka that's great that leaves you:eek: :eek: