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  1. Russell Simmons house on Cribs

    First of all “Whiteyâ€, your comment shows just how ignorant you are. No, Africans did not hop on a zebra we preferred camels. (If you didn’t know Egypt is in Africa and they held more weight). Next thing, you talk about our presence being insignificant, but you think about this; all the things that you have assess to today, you take for granted and those persons whom are responsible for their existence (i.e. the stop sign, the microwave, cures to millions of ailment, cosmetics etc). And if you don’t believe me, do some research. African-Americans have been a benefit to this country. And another thing, the only reason why we have such organizations and pageants as the Miss Black America Pageant is because we were, for years, exclude from such events as the “Miss America Pageant†and even when we were allowed to participate, the judging was unfair because we didn’t look like you all. Next, thing I, myself, am grateful for such organizations as Miss Black America Pageant, NAACP, Sigma Gamma Rho, Delta Sigma Theta, etc. because they gave us as black people, especially us women, a chance to be apart of something and not feel inferior. So you say what you want, but your statements and the statements of those who concurred are heinous and they prove how much you really know about history and black people in general. Furthermore, if you got to know something about us, as well as our history you could grow to respect us as a people and maybe you could learn to like us. If not, your loss because we are a group of friendly and intriguing people. Peace. No more thread will be posted
  2. Russell Simmons house on Cribs

    First of all, No I am not another black person on welfare. I am an educated black woman attend on of the best HBCU (Historical Black Colleges and University for the dunces) in the country and I work two jobs. Next, thing before you accuse me of defending someone maybe you should read my thread again. I am not defending him I am touching on a subject that most people, especially those of "European decent", do not want to acknowledge because deep down inside we all know that majority of the people of "European decent" feel that black people should have nothing. And, if we do get something than you all find ways to criticize what we have or how we got it. You call me names and curse me out, but I telling you all that maybe you need to check you position on the prejudice scale. And finally, I do not use my real e-mail address because I don't want to be harassed by anybody who decides they wants to play childish games or stoop to low levels. P.S. It's people like you that make me date within my own race.
  3. Russell Simmons house on Cribs

    Just because a black man has done something good for himself, and he has provide a very fine roof over his family's head he has become this bad person. White people have been doing it for years, but nobody talks about what all they do to get it and keep it. But then again I forgot we are black; we all are suppose to be poor and always holding our hand out to the White man. Not so I be damn! Black People are coming back up. That's right "Back up" because when we were in Africa we used our heads and invented things. And a whole lot more of us are going to live like that so White people be prepared. And another thing, all you racist White people, you should be thankful for the Black people because we feed ya'll, nursed your kids and we built this country on our backs and hatred is the only thanks we get. Thanks for nothing By the way Kimora Lee Simmons is of African-American/Asian Decent; her father was black and her mother is asian.