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  1. Thanks ya'll ... This door policy thing pisses me off ... I'm not going to chat with a doorman to get in ... are most of the clubs there like this?
  2. Thanks for the info ... I've read about Roxy, XL, and Crobar ... How hard is it to find some "sugar" at these places??? ... I can't bring anything due to arriving by plane. How is the door policy at these places? Are only certain people let in? I'm consfused by that. Thanks Toby
  3. Hello, I'm visiting New York City in March ... I'll be going out with two other friends on a Saturday ... I'm looking for a cool gay club ... I've done some research, and I've read about many clubs "allowing" certain people into the clubs ... I've never experienced this here in Florida, so I'm wondering what that is all about ... I would like to go to a big dance club, but I prefer it to be more casual ... Please respond with club web sites if you know of them. Thanks, Toby