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  1. Question.....Dolce?

    That's why I said it was a wasteland. I wouldn't send my worst enemy there on a Friday or Saturday. The night I revisited was a SUNDAY, which was consistant with the information I provided earlier. I don't do pretentious and was pleasantly surprised to find that Concorde wasn't like that on a Sunday. Since you're restating what I thought was obvious, I just wanted to make sure that my observations were clear. The Clubgrrl
  2. Question.....Dolce?

    From what I understand, on Friday and Saturday Concorde is a wasteland of pretentious playboys and their plasticized girlfriends. The door staff acts accordingly, choosing only the most Barbie-like girls and the boys who are willing to pay exorbitant prices to enter one of the clubs of the moment. HOWEVER~ I did go back last night to confirm the information that I gave your earlier and I was pleased to find that Sunday is the complete opposite of Friday and Saturday. I had no trouble getting in the front door. The staff was extremely courteous and the drinks were well-made. As for the crowd, I have to admit that at 11:45 (when I arrived), there weren't as many people as I expected, but as the night progressed, the crowded thickened and the place filled up. Most of the patrons were somewhere between 20 and 30, but there were a couple of people who were in their mid-30s. I can only attribute the small crowd to a lack of promotion (which, in this case, is a good thing) but if one were to go with a group of friends it would be a great way to have a chill night out. The music was a mix of hip hop, old and new school rap, and some very strange mixes (ever heard a loop of from the Talking Heads playing under Notorious BIG?) that really work. On a scale of 1 to 10: 8.5 All and all, it was a pretty good night. The Clubgrrl
  3. Question.....Dolce?

    Since you'll be in town on a Sunday, you might want to try Concorde. I've only been there once on a Sunday, but girls get in free until 12. You can get on the guestlist at www.aka.com or you can call 818.288.6569. I hope this helps and I might even see you there. The Clubgrrl