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  1. John Kerry

    bad example my friend. 80-85 percent of your money goes to the governement. what do you get in return healthcare which is even 5% as good as even the worst hospital in the USA. u have to wait 5-6 months for any surgical procedure if u can even get it. your education is free but when you graduate your make shit money cause it all goes to taxes. but i guess if you have no ambition or r just plan lazy these are the systems for you. and before you mention canada i have several friends who live there. if you make under 60000 you get taxed 35% of every dollar you make. over 60000 and its 50% of every dollar. 5-6 months to see a specialist. sometimes you have to drive 200+ miles to see a doctor. and most of the good Dr move to the usa. th
  2. John Kerry

    Explain to me why im wrong. i bet it will be very interesting. And then unexplain places like canda and switzerland for me. is that vast taxation or am i wrong there too.
  3. John Kerry

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by shroomy I wonder if you know what one is or if you just found it in the word of the day calendar. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i know what it is moron. "progressive taxation system" come on man. he dosent want to penalize the wealthy. how can you penalize someone who is already rich that makes no sense. he want to keep future genertations from accumlation wealth by taxing the crap out of us. Of course he wont be able to do it in such a short term as president, but if you keep voting for these types of politicans, they will erode our capitalist system piece by piece.
  4. John Kerry

    r u insane! have you taken a look at all the other countries around you that are communist or socialist. They give 35%-80% of every dollar they make to support social programs that dont work. know matter how hard you work u make shit cause the government(liberal elitist like kerry)take it all.
  5. John Kerry

    read the question again. i just was wondering if people even know what a socalist is and why they are voting for one.
  6. John Kerry

    This is not a kerry vs bush topic(please read my post again). i just want to know why you would choose a socialist over a capitalist.
  7. John Kerry

    Since so many of you on this board seem to lean towards voting for John Kerry and since he votes more liberal than Ted kennedy, i would like to know why you would vote for a known socialist. Espcecially when this Great Country had become the strongtest and most prosperous in the world based on the principles of capitalism.
  8. It's political....

    You know what's interesting about all these democrates: they have had a vertual monopoly on creating legislature that supposildy empowers a CHILDS EDUCATION and THE POOR for the past 40 years and not one time have i or for that matter anyone else heard a single one of them say that things are improving in education or that any progress has been made in preventing or curtailying the spread of poverty. I mean how much more of my money do you want from my pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!this isnt Switzerland( aka the goldencage). The point to my rambling is that DEMO dont want things to get better, they want you to assume things are so bad that only a big tax money guzzling government(money from our pockets) can help these poor helpless poverty striken people and our supposidly poorly educated children. Do you know that more rich people donate to the DEMO than the REp party. Why do yo think that is. Well i'll tell you why, cant tax money that has already been made my friends. but by voting for demo u can sure as hell tax the hell outta people who are trying to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the top 9 richest people in congress are DEMO there's another clue. They made it they sure as hell dont want you to. Dont vote for these fokers unless your dirt poor(even though they wont help you with shit and never have at least you can use my money for food stamps) or rich as hell that way these less of you and more people for u to push around.
  9. It's political....

    This is one of the main proponents for the redistribution of you/my wealth. please reseach and find out what that means please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. It's political....

    okay here a couple of facts you Demo might not know or choose to ignore: 1. John kerry voted against trying to develop EVERY TYPE of defensive system that the USA wanted to build from the Reagan years until now he voted along with his boy Clinton to make billions in cuts to our military and cia and has over the years voted more Leftist than Ted Kennedy(for those of you who dont read we were founded on captialism not socailism that's one of the reasons we have the greatest economy in the world). and back to obby's point these extremist hate us if we cant defend ourselves then they will crush us. 2. Unemployment: Allen Greenspan who happens to know a bit about the economy was asked by a leading demo(in their usual negative tones) that if the ecomony was supposedly recovering why we had the unemployment numbers we were seeing. his reply was that we had more unemployment because our efficiency in producing goods had actually gotten so good that we dont need as many workers as before. 3. Three big words please research this concept and then see if you still want to vote for left leaning demo. Redistribution of Wealth. 4. Clinton had two different opportunities to bring in Bin laden one when officials had most of his family and him in a airplane in qatar and another time when sudanies officials had him. He refused both times. this after the first bombing of the towers and the american embassies and the bombing of the USS Cole. Kerry is considered even weaker with defense matters than Clinton. if you ask me Clinton and his weak party are the cause of this war. 5. IRS Fact my friends 50 of the top wage earners pay 96.03 % of the taxes in this country. 6. demo support socialized medicine: reasearch the health care systems in canada and europe and then see if you still want to vote for demo. i'm not the greatest writer in the world but these are all clear facts just look them up.
  11. About CP

    You gota be fucking kidding me Hydra trance:confused: i don't even thing he spins anything even resembling trance POD. Since you know so dam much why don't you check and see how many dj entered that contests with trance demos and how many with house demos. You will see just how biased it was. BTW wasen't just a wee bit coinsidental that the three finalist all post on cool junkie and are all friends. No biased yeah right.
  12. Let's Review Saleen

    I figured since he is always giving us such honest, intelligent and unbiased reviews of everything, we should reward him by reviewing his many talents and attributes. Let the reviews begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!