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  1. Russell Simmons house on Cribs

    Bla bla bla bla your asses off all u ignorant fucks. BOTH BLACK AND WHITE. Egypt is a WHAT? ZERBRA AND WHO? HUNT WHAT outside your door? READ A BOOK YOU DUMB ASSES. I just logged on to see what club planet is about. I realize its nothing but racist black and white ( possibly dumb guidos:peeleft: ) peeps that need to read alot more. I think its a blessing to know more than your ABC's. I saw stupid statements followed by fucked up, senseless comments. Butterfly712, stop taking anything about any black person as an insult, Pull your head out of the bag of shit its in. Enough said! clubdivacb.......WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAY'n ....nothing made sense you dumb ass bitch. SHUT THE FUCK UP and don't say one more thing unless it has a meaning. You should get an ass whoppen for being soo smart. ZEBRA'S CAMELS AND SHIT....what the fuck do you know about africa. Obviously nothing. One more thing, try going to newark once and lets see what you think about it. maybe its a country on the moon. No I'm not black but I sure fuck like one.....how about that for someone who was in Newark for goodtimes, why don't stop by and I'll SHOW YOU WHAT I MEAN.