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  1. >>Madonnnnaaaa Madonnnnnnaaaa TICKETS!!!!

    Yeah that's what i was afraid of. We got section 7 for the Sunday night show. I got section 220 for Thursday night though and those are on the side so that's good. I was at her last tour and she did come to the sides of the stage a lot! Well at least I'll get to see her from all angles!...And yeah $300 is a lot for tickets but if you are a real fan it's worth every dime. She is the ONLY one i would pay that much for tix. Everyone have fun!!
  2. >>Madonnnnaaaa Madonnnnnnaaaa TICKETS!!!!

    That is awesome! I got floor seats as well. Actually I got tickets to all 3 shows at Madison Square Garden. Yes I know I'm crazy! She is definitely worth checking out. Even if you don't like her music she puts on an amazing show. I went to her last tour and loved it. You will definitely have a good time!