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  1. Oh yeaH, changed big time... the big clubs were still underground, packed with househeads/clubbers. there prob wont ever be a mega cluB that has that feel again. its aLL too commercialized now. and that fuck giuliani started the whole crackin down on Nyc nightlife.
  2. Chris Fortier

    MIght go.
  3. Favorite Rock Band ?

    That is...if anyone listens to rock around here Actually i dont listen to much of the newer stuff.Just some classic rock. My favorite is Pink Floyd.Dayumm,their music just blows me away. Fav albums: 1. Meddle 2. Wish You Were Here 3. Dark Side of The Moon Whats yours ? (List ur fav albums too)
  4. Louie Vega ?

    hey thx alot.appreciate that info.
  5. Louie Vega ?

    Hi - anyone have info on where he's spinning these days ? any upcoming events ? thanks.
  6. Old pic that I found (Twilo)

    very true, kooratz.
  7. there. ready to battle. is that the old joy.place is tiny.
  8. Best Club Ever???

    palladium>mother of all clubs-saturday nights will never be the same -cassanova/junior tore sh!t up ! i frikken miss that place so much. future shock was good too with repete( that dude still around ?).
  9. Best Club Ever???

    best club i been to was Palladium.spacious and very pretty inside.i used to get soo psyched going in there.And great dancers too ! where have the good dancers gone nowadays ? lol seems like the skillz have dropped off a bit. other favorites...the usual suspects>limelight,old factory,tunnel,usa,emerald city...great times.
  10. WaveLengths--anyone remember?

    Budi tih...
  11. WaveLengths--anyone remember?