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  1. What should...

    Hey I have a 98' Honda Civic Ex ( i wish still still had my low-low) but anyways here is the stupid part it is an automatic. I have put some parts up in it but as far as increasing horsepower or Honda power what should I get? Also any other ideas. Thanks
  2. Who Likes Platform Sandals?

    I have 2 pairs of the platforms. That someone said they were stripper shoes. I have a pair in red and one in clear,both with clear heels. They are ucomfortable if you don't wear them all the time and get used to walking and dancing in them. IMO they make your legs look better and look sexy and classy if you wear the right things with them and aren't tripping
  3. Lets meth around

    Ok diesel i am moron but you cant explain why. Listen grasshoppa' i only do it once in a while nowe because i dont like being crazy all the time. Second, slut in the making? ? Explain why u think that. If u want I dont care what u think. I am a strong minded chick. I do what I want and take care of the rest. Meth is bad for u right, right do it once in while. I love the physical feeling when someone grabs my pierced nipples when I am twacked so that makes me slut. Come on amuse me.
  4. Lets meth around

    The way I wrote last nite yes probably screams that. I quit the stuff a while ago but do it once in a while. Look grasshoppa' that stuff makes you crazy . I was just up for like a night you know and that how I chose to enterain myself last night talking nonsense.Point is meth will screw your brain up and if you enjoy feel liking you have a war going on in your head go ahead mess with that stuff. It will change your life forever. It does damage to your brain that can never be repaired u might never be the same. So those that read what I posted last nite there you go. Dont let it do you! Oh yeah and I am naturally silly also I like to joke around. But no I only have fun and dork it once in a while so think about that or flip the sript and tell me whats up;)
  5. Lets meth around

    When it methed with my tits. and other reasons Like ever hear of meth pscyhosis or u spell it I stopped letting it run me, so now i do it once in awhile and my tita have fully recovered but they shrunk and looked bad. Meth is a brain killer, I am just getting my life back and goback and do it once `in while to talk total nonsense and its fun but dont let it pimpyou btw sorry bro these tits are trademarked i have playboy bunny tat above one of my tits and I wont tell which one cause i dont have to. no that i am clean and gained my weight back my dreams are coming true, which are being proud of my body and posing if you still want to see them boy word on the street look for my screen name around town boy.
  6. Lets meth around

    wtf i think this weird because I dont remember being but I got logged in and its i am a newbie dorkin it i guess
  7. Lets meth around

    I dont even remember registering here. But apparently I did. Man am just waiting to fall asleep. So lets flip the script do you try and hide it when your spun? I hate what meth has done to my man SoLoW and hate the crash and but I love it too. Anyone want to get confused ? I am just tired and have been MissBehavin'.No meth for me. It makes your mind i dont even know but it causes the paranoia. Come all you men who think you know everything lets talk. Amuse the easily amused RIP Kurt Cobain. So I you think crazy? cool ;)