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  1. Hey.....how's everyone doin.. This Dj in Toronto Canada called Corey Dj DOv has Taught some of the newest and some of Canada's first female dj's on how to play records exspecialy house! ex. Dj everdilicious Nicole, Stash, Amanda. He's really a producer....and his stuff supposedly comin out this summer.He kind looks like'Tyrese' the R&b dude.... Would any of you wonderfu people no where I might get his new suff! tribal techno album think its called from "Slave ship to Space ship" I hear he is a part of the Ska group the Arsenals! He's mainly a Tribal...Techno guy ...but maan does this cat know how to play...he's sick...lol He's has jus moved to new york! watch for him! He is One of the best I ever seen ...and Im a fogey at 45. if you find were hei s playin or were I can get his new album pleaaze email me! peace!