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    Nice!!! the lineup couldn't have been better. all whats missing for me is some Chemical Beats and i'm all set.
  2. paris hiltons blueberry

    yes boys & girls, the Paris Hilton screw-up is true! i have been up on this all morning, HEH =) sometimes i think Paris and her publicist (if i think she has one) have pre-planned this. thanks T-Mobile for keeping your website security weak for many many months.
  3. Don't Jay Walk..............

    try telling that to the people of south florida, they just dont give a damn! i jay walk only on residential safe streets i come across! people, learn from this example:
  4. Ok Soooooooooooooooo........

    okay, i guess i missed out on this thread, i feel like an idiot! - have to pay more attn
  5. miami FINALLY gets a global underground release

    very nice - look forward to the release - nothing better than a good GU mix.
  6. Saturday Night BBQ

    Many thanks to Flip & TheMrs, great BBQ, good seeing the music pad and will always look forward to this annual gathering. It turned out that food was the least i saw people consume this year which was no surprise, we had more food this year than last and i'm glad. Damn, like to give it up to my close peepz for being there atleast and for having a fucking kick ass time with me. Beach Bunny & Candy, was a pleasure to meet you. Hey Flip, thanks again for having the Moon-Walker playground; didnt realize playing football with cute chicks and somewhat buzzed was going to be fucking fun. DjCarlosF, YES she was fucking wasted and she does recall being freaky but whatever happens at the BBQ surely stays at the BBQ! For those that can help, i've searched everywhere for pics from last years BBQ but no luck, i'll have to start archiving these years BBQ pics and last years if anyone can provide them to me or by posting them on the board. Thanks for help peepz!
  7. BBQ Address

    thanks for posting the address, now i dont have to follow funketeer's directions!
  8. Directions to BBQ ???

    okay maybe its me or maybe no one has posted anything about how to get to Flip & TheMrs' crib? Sorry peepz but i was helped with a ride last year, this year i plan to bring myself. Can anyone help with directions to the BBQ? BTW, anyone needing a ride, let me know, i have a few empty seats available!
  9. 2nd annual!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Flip or anyone that knows, this is probably stupid to ask but will there be a Moon-Walker at this year's BBQ as last years? See pic sample: http://www.moon-walker.com/images/slides/16ftslidejumpcombo.jpg
  10. Candyland flier

    Awww hellz nah, i'll be there like always.
  11. Wmc Pics!!!!!!!!!!!

    here is just a pic i wanted to post... there will be more to come as soon as i can get them on my server and some kinda gallery going.
  12. i'll be there at 2:30 and 6pm, just to see any familiar BBQ faces and people i met before. i'll be the guy seen with this rare shirt below...