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  1. Hey what's up all, we will be performing at Crobar Monday Night Feb 14th at Crobar's weekly "Back Door Bambi" party. Hope to see some of you there! http://www.thedjlist.com/djs/DIGITAL_LIFESTYLE/
  2. Come check digital Lifestyle's live performance out on Friday 10/15 at club W6. We'll be there tomorrow hanging out with the other acts and promoting the show a little bit if any of you want to swing by. They have an awesome studio set up right when you walk in to the left, and a comfortable back area with soft couches. And yess....we WILL be performing that new GW track! Check it out on our website under "downloads" if you want to hear it.
  3. Don't miss Digital Lifestyle's LIVE performance, Fri 9/24 at club W6 on 6th and Washington St, in South Beach!!! It will be an exclusive 2 hour set of all original, heart-pounding productions. LIVE performances are quickly surmounting the electronic genre. Come see Digital Lifestyle set it off Ultra Music Festival style at club W6!!!
  4. Digital Lifestyle south beach's hottest new act

    Digital Lifestyle is fuc*in SICK man! More and more people keep talking about them. I just happened to randomly be at Karma Lounge when they performed, and hadn't ever heard about them before. No one understood WTF was going on when these guys were messin' with all sorts of computers and electric boxes. SICK show man. These guys supposedly write all their own stuff too, and they're in their 20's? WTF?? MUCH better than watching a DJ. I've seen Chemical Brothers and Underworld but never knew about a local group doing the same shizz. I'm definitely checking out both of their shows at I/O and Karma! These guys should be at ULTRA!! They're gonna BLOW up!!!!