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  1. Just For The Record

    Idiots like you don't think they are getting the REAL one. What a dumbass. Report me Report me Report me!!!!!!!!!! See if I care. But be prepared to reep the reprcussions. Fair warning. (I hear a SLANDER suit a comin.....Got that ISP.. Thanks
  2. Just For The Record

    Why don't you read it in it's entirty or even look at the damn site ioffer.com THEY KNOW THAT THEY ARE REPLICAS because they like you cannot afford the real deal.. God, I give up on people like you. You are the type of person that feeds off getting others attention. Please...... Get a JOB! Get a Life! Get a Clue or an education and learn how to READ AND COMPREHEND!!!
  3. Just For The Record

    You apperently have NO CLUE what you are talking about. Have you ever visited a WALMART or a KMART???? All of them have KNOCK OFFS of everything. LV, Esprit,All of it. Do some homework and we'll then discuss your threats. You made them not me,. Read it [email protected]
  4. Just For The Record

    Look here is the deal. Not all of us make enough cash to afford the things we desire. There is nothing wrong with having something like someone else at a knock-off brand or whatever you call it. Report me if you wish. I violated no terms. My husband is an attorney and if there is slander involved you will be notified. Just because your sick doesn't give you the right to cut other people down...
  5. Just For The Record

    Because I am classy.
  6. Just For The Record

    Doing a search on Louis Vuitton and Jessica Simpson and came across this board and saw the "It's a FAKE post" and I just had to reply on that on. The Diva LIES!!!
  7. Just For The Record

    GIRL? It is Raspberry suede not velvet.... Seriel numbers and all. Just look at the pics..
  8. Just For The Record

    You might wanna do a little research on the replicas.. only because NO-ONE and I mean No-One can tell. I can even produce a reciept....Just ponder.
  9. Just For The Record

    Nope it is BUY IT NOW!!! Great Huh? And you'd be all the envy..LOL
  10. Just For The Record

    But like I said if you want a bag like it see this http://www.ioffer.com/i/2424100
  11. Just For The Record

    Jessica Simpsons Louis Vuitton Murakami bag is NOT A FAKE.....Read on. If you know anything about Louis Vuitton you would know that the Murakami style is made with one piece of leather, which means the LV's on the back are SUPPOSE to be that way.. Go to the Vuitton.com site and see for yourself. however please note this style is currently unavailable. But...If you want info on how to aquire one like hers and J-Lo's Contact me. or Visit http://www.ioffer.com/i/2424100