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  1. the teens here 14-18 need something to in the summer besides shoppin and goin to the beach.. they want to club to but theres not many along the jersey shore.. so it would defintiely be a good idea
  2. y'all definitely need to throw a teen night at a club at the jersey shore in atlantic or ocean county during memorial day weekend if u want a big crowd.. teens here r bored as hell and theres so many plus u would get more teens visiting during memorial day weekend.. i hope that'd work Kevin (15 yrs)
  3. goin there tonight.. anyone know any?
  4. Teen Night Clubs at the Shore?

    anyone else know clubs in the A.C. and Toms River shore areas of nj for teenagers???
  5. Teen Night Clubs at the Shore?

    it says mc matty c is an invalid user??
  6. Teen Night Clubs at the Shore?

    yea i heard of temptations but do u have anymore clubs or a link to the official site of club temptations?
  7. i am having a lot of trouble finding teen night clubs in the new jersey shore in atlantic county n ocean county.. mainly the atlantic city n toms river area, me and my friends want to go to a teen night club in this area but we don't have the websites or lists of any.. if anyone knows any TEENAGE NIGHT CLUBS including the age of 15 in the NEW JERSEY SHORE (ocean county, atlantic county) please respond! `kevin`