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  1. EMACTIVE ::update:: tunes/mixes inside Currently EMACTIVE is working on some new tracks. He's been djing for about 3 years. EMACTIVE has worked and performed alongside many top dnb artists such as, Goldie, MC Rage, Ink, Loxy, Shimon, Keaton, Friction, DJ SS, Fierce, Die, Krust, MC Tali, E-ssasin, Nookie, Blame, Dylan, Trace, Twisted Individual, Bryan Gee, A-sides, 4Real, Patife, Marly Marl, TC Izlam, Submerged, Cassien, Delmar, Vishnu, DJ Seoul, Odi, Reid Speed, Jo-S, Doomer, Siren, DJ Seen, Wally aka Pish Posh, MC Posi-D, and Chris Thomas. Producing for about a year, he's getting his feet wet in the production side of things. Mainly experimenting with different styles including hip hop and dnb. Below are clips of some of the tracks he's been working on for the past year since he started. Good/Bad feedback is welcomed. It'll be a learning experience. Thanks for the support. Tracks: EMACTIVE-brain tease EMACTIVE_common thief EMACTIVE_drumit EMACTIVE_feat._MC Kleptomaniac_-_lower class_gangstah EMACTIVE_free EMACTIVE_multitask EMACTIVE_refocus EMACTIVE_snazzy EMACTIVE_throwdown Tupac_still_down_EMACTIVE_rmx Mixes: EMACTIVE-NOW and THEN EM_ACTIVE_-_promo_mix_1_-_spring_2002 EM Active live @ nycjungle.com 1-27-03 EM Active live @ Direct Drive 11-09-03 www.emactive.com