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  1. Minimum age to enter in club?

    nobody can answer me?
  2. Minimum age to enter in club?

    Thanks for replys. It's possible to go to a club in Miami or he asks the identity card all the time? (in france its possible...) I will like to find a web-site where there are many information on the goods shops, the fashion in USA, and the good "fashion" adress for the young people.... Which are the goods clothes in USA for to go in club ? In France its Diesel, Energie, Replay, Von Dutch, Aston's...
  3. Hello, Im french and I speak badly English, I excuse myself by advance . I like much USA, I will go to New York this summer, and I will like to go in club. I like the house music, deep house, progressive and a little tek house music. But I would like to know what is the minimum age to go in club, because Iam 18 years ago. In France its possible to go in club at 18, but I dont know the minimum age in America. I will go to Miami after, its the same age to go in club ? For you, what is the best club in NewYork? (i dont like rap and rnb) Thanks!! Shinbeth