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  1. For you marvel comics fans......

    k.. how bout Jet Li or Bruce Lee
  2. For you marvel comics fans......

    lol its all good. we all read comics when we were kids. but who the fuck is mr fixit? my favorite gambit
  3. For you marvel comics fans......

    Hulk actualy does get bigger and stronger as he gets more angry. fact. jugga is the same as he is, fact. as jugga and hulk fight for some time, hulk will eventually beat his ass. expecialy once his armor is penetrated, which in fact is defintly penetrable as cyclops and wolverine amongst others have done). as the hulk can regenerate if and when he does get hurt. and about jugga being more intelligent, that much is true, but hulk is like a wild rabid animal destroying anyhting in its way. so if we had the world's best boxer with avergage intelligence fighting the worlds second best boxer with rabies, the rabid boxer would win hands down regardless of his intelligence at the moment. now class is over
  4. For you marvel comics fans......

    Not at all. Hulk gets stronger as he fights more or gets angry. although jugga is just as strong as superman he has limits such as superman. however, the hulk as no limit to his strengh as long as he has anger orr a fight to fuel. end of debate
  5. Guy & Strip clubs??

    more like strip clubs are for men who want to have a good time with lots of there freinds and have lots of money to spend, as most poeple spend much more money at a strip club then escorts.
  6. Guy & Strip clubs??

    your clueless.
  7. TO: LV Promoters, Curators Etc

    Are we going to see any renowned DJ's in these clubs anytime? Fill me in
  8. Attn: The Crooks at Made Events

    sorry to say, but thats a terrible comparision. what you should of said was, new york has a broad market for clubs and renowned DJ's as cities like kansas does not. but now if you compare ticket prices from cities like miami and LA, then the ticket prices for these events are the same but at the same time the rent in miami and LA are much affordable than nyc. do you understand now kid
  9. Attn: The Crooks at Made Events

    damn girl, why all the fuss? a few things. lights lasers etc, are always rented. and just so you know to rid yourself of your ignorance, the high cost for these productions arenet nearly as much as you think. The reason why some events are so expensive is that, THEY can charge that much, because of demand.. that simple. and about complaining, i wasnt complaining if you read this thread carefully, i was stating an experience with made when i was a kid. And as for working for made? haha lol. you shitting me? i did what they did years ago, again when i was a kid, now i live out in vegas working with real estate and bonds. maybe if i was in high school id love to work for made. but it seems like you want to work for em, or do u already
  10. Attn: The Crooks at Made Events

    they need lights to play out door during the day time in the park?
  11. Attn: The Crooks at Made Events

    are you with made? sorry to have offended you in any shape or form. but alls i remember is that it was for less then what made was selling it for, and i was getting the tickets directly from the general manager of the club with authorization of price and rights to use there name in my website.. and i was 19 yo, who really cares what i sell it for so as long as my poeple got in for cheaper then other poeple and being happy, now thats what i call a promoter, dont you?
  12. whats that bird doing now a days... u chris?
  13. anyone remember tweety? the light man
  14. Attn: The Crooks at Made Events

    Made events huh.......... funny group they are.. when i use to promote, i was selling tickets on my website for much cheaper then they where for a PVD show a few years back, and i sold alot of tickets, when made events found out, they called my contact for the tickets and told him to fire me and that there going to sue me for selling below ticket price and that im takin away business, anyway, i decided to call "Johnny boy" at made myself and told him im making a bundle on these tickets and tell your lawyer to call me... and ofcourse no suck call ever happend... well made events.. your name has been tainted then and now again. good luck to to you though