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  1. Scumfrog-What did I miss

    hmm..i doupt it was the system but who care he is still a good producer
  2. Scumfrog-What did I miss

    ehh...i honestly didnt like what he was playing and he was off almost every mixing.. had a good time tho
  3. A-Tak Live every Tuesdsy 4-7pm

    sorry for spelling tuesday wrong*
  4. A-Tak-Invisible Pleasures Live on metromixradio.com Every tuesday 4-7pm Tune in - 128k 56k-
  5. Black SHUT DOWN

    bla bla blaa... how was the system ???
  6. thats bullshittttttt rank 1 is 200sometin..haha all the NY djs r like in 100's lol
  7. Sound Factory Is Done Forever

    hope this helps http://real.ny1.com:8080/ramgen/rea...307_110010hi.rm