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  1. Sickest Exotic Limousines in Jersey

    Your head would pop off too if you saw the inside of this thing. I will see if if they have a website I can show you !! take care eric
  2. Sickest Exotic Limousines in Jersey

  3. Hands down Savannah Limo out of Neptune NJ has the sickest top of the line limo's in New Jersey. They are the best to take out into Jersey or NYC. They also have major connections to get you tickets to any show or concert. In Jersey alone, they have the connections to get you the best table in the house at the best lounges like Red in Red Bank to Elements in Sea Bright. You gotta see the H2 Limo, it is hooked up with TV's everywhere, a sick sound system, lazers, and the wildest stuff. We have been using them lately and I really reccomend it to all of you. Savannah Limo 732.282.1666
  4. thanx to all who came out on Tuesday to ELEMENTS!

    Esteban and a special guest DJ will be there tonite !!
  5. TUES @ Elements Was Great

    Esteban wil have a backup DJ tontie.
  6. TUES @ Elements Was Great

    Unique DJ's as our guest DJ's on a monthly basis. Esteban is our main resident
  7. TUES @ Elements Was Great

    Today was so nice out... hopefully we will have the same weather for Tuesday !!
  8. thanx to all who came out on Tuesday to ELEMENTS!

    see you there, thanks for the support
  9. TUES @ Elements Was Great

    See you there marcomaxim
  10. TUES @ Elements Was Great

    Thanks for giving them the link Mango !!
  11. thanx to all who came out on Tuesday to ELEMENTS!

    I actually have pics from the First Tuesday (last week). The crowd was really nice. Lots of fun, good looking, happy people. That what I like to see !! This party is here to stay. The whole idea of this party is that it starts out as a dinner party that turns into a full blown event. Its nice to start the night out early and actually sit and enjoy yourself. Eric G
  12. TUES @ Elements Was Great

  13. TUES @ Elements Was Great

    I tried to put the pics up. Did not work. Sorry, I tried for you all !!
  14. TUES @ Elements Was Great

    The first night of B-Free Tuesdays was really great. I want to thank everyone for their support. Both levels of the lounge were busy and the reviews of the party were really supportive. We had alot of great compliments on the food and the live percussion by DJ Esteban and Matt Mango. I would also like to thank DJ Unique for his set as it really set off the night. I hope to see you all soon next Tuesday !! I am going to try to post some pics here on this site, but I dont know if it will work as they may be too large.