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  1. Mardi Gras Party!!!!!

    OOOOHHHHHH Cool!!!! A free trip to New Orleans!!!!!!!! Whats the catch??? Nothing can be that good!!!!!!!
  2. To all the Newbies WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH

    HHEEEYYYY....Be nice
  3. To all the Newbies WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH

    On behalf of the "Newbies" We thank you!!!! We love you too!!!!!
  4. What nationality is everyone?

    Thanx Stiffler!!!!
  5. What nationality is everyone?

    100% Italian
  6. What nationality is everyone?

    Ask me if I give a F**K oh, and learn to spell:D
  7. Hey... I am new!!!

    That is a very disturbing pic... I am left to assume that it is you
  8. Hey... I am new!!!

    very intellegent... Where do you go, so I know not to go there:D
  9. Hey... I am new!!!

  10. Hey... I am new!!!

    And you are :confused: :confused: I am looking for a place to go out w/my sister...
  11. Hey... I am new!!!

    Thanx!!! I'll keep a look out for open toe shoes!!!! I will be the one walking in alone!!! :( I hate being new to the area!!!!
  12. Hey... I am new!!!

    Any good places to go to in NNJ??? New to the area!!! Help!!