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  1. New to the boards...

    I'm sorry for not properly explaining myself... nah I don't really care lol I'm just fucking around~
  2. New to the boards...

    Oh really this is how we act!? A congregation of emotional rejects who hide behind their computer screens like the pedafiles arrested weekly on cops... Downloading Kiddie porn too I bet? Cause thats the way we do it 'round here like whoa? I'd say get a hobby because you're wasting space sitting there raggin' on peeps like w3rd~
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  4. 116_1672

    Um... yum
  5. 116_1665_r1

    I love this picture of you! Girlie lookin all innocent! hehe devious lil toxic~
  6. New to the boards...

    *breaks out into song*
  7. New to the boards...

    Toxic can't you just feel the love in this room?