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  1. Closing Party at Space?

    So it starts at 2 and goes to midnight. I see. Is the $20 cover guaranteed? I heard it was 60 bucks last year. Anyone go last year? How was the vibe? Is there free drinks from 6-8? And can a 3-day pass get me in? (I probably won't be using one of the 2 days anyways). As you can see I have a lotta questions about this event.
  2. I heard last year there was a closing party at Space around 2 pm. I'm guessing this year would be on Wednesday the 17th. I heard Sasha and a lot of the big names showed up. Anyone go to this last year? How do the logistics work? When does it run from? And how long does it last?
  3. [email protected]

    Saturday March 6th - happy hour drink specials 4-9 presented by RIP RECORDS FEAT: Danny Howells, Soul Mekanik (live), Tarrantella & Redanka, Kelvin Andrews, & Jon Cowan Is this party free? Whether I buy a 5 day pass hinges on it, since I'm doin the Space 3 day pass already.