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  1. shelter on wed and el centro on fri

    Just to clarify, is this Thanksgiving week? or the week before?
  2. Bolthouse Events

    What's another powerhouse venue/event for Wednesdays?
  3. Bolthouse Events

    Hmm, maybe they are. I'm not in the industry so usually we're looking to socialize, flirt, and hook up with PYTs. Though it's cool going to their industry partys sometimes. Do you have a where & when, lalate?
  4. Bolthouse Events

    Thanks guys. I've done Ivar on Wednesdays (and Fridays) and it's pretty ghetto. The White Lotus line always looks cheesy so that we never bother. What else is good on Wednesday? I may try and check out El Centro on Thursdays, but Concorde Thursdays have been pretty good. Good ratio, good looking, but not too crowded and we know a couple of promoters who always gets us in for free. It's not hot HOT, but it is dependable. Anymore info?
  5. Bolthouse Events

    So does anyone know a way to get into Concorde on Wednesdays? Myself, two of my friends (both TV actors) and two blonde girls tried to get into Concorde last night (Wednesday). One of the girls tried to work some of her magic and phone up some people. She could have gotten her and her GF in, but not the rest of us (or even one guy). I usually go to Concorde on Thursday night since it's a pretty nice crowd, but it definitely looked like Wednesday was seriously hopping. Guestlist? Promoters? Etc?